SECURE IDENTITY ACCESSWe Can’t Compromise the Security!

Add Power of a Fingerprint to your ID-Badge

The state-of-the-art badge combines biometric fingerprint authentication with RFID & Bluetooth technology that allows physical and logical access to the assigned user only. It enables enterprises to shift verification to the biometric match-on device.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the use of user names and passwords forever
  • The badge is unique to the assigned user and only authorized individuals can activate the card through fingerprint identification
  • Employees can biometrically authenticate themselves by touching the fingerprint sensor on their own personal MBX-ID Access credential, activating the RFID, Bluetooth, and other wireless capabilities
  • One-touch access to multiple resources
  • Can be configured to work with multiple applications enabling touch log on
  • No personal data is stored on the badge or in an external database
  • A lost or stolen access badge is useless in the hands of an unauthorized person because the user must first biometrically authenticate to the badge before the wireless (RFID, Bluetooth) functions are enabled
  • The MBX-ID Access credential is compatible with existing RFID door readers, keypad locks, gate controllers and turnstiles.
  • Suitable for cost-effective security solutions that can be converted quickly & easily
  • Meant to be used with existing technology/infrastructure with a state-of-the-art system with enhanced capabilities
  • An alternative to common touch surfaces, such as keypads and fingerprint sensors on door locks, gates and turnstiles

How It Works

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