How MBX-ID works?

It works with a three steps process:

FINGERPRINT MATCH – Matches the fingerprint already stored on the device



How to store my employee finger-print on MBX-ID?

We have published an Android app ‘MBX-ID Provisioning’ to Android Playstore. This app is free of cost and allows the HR/Admin team to get their employee’s ID stored on the MBX-ID.

Does MBX-ID store my personal details?

No. It does not store any personal information on the badge other than the fingerprint.

Does MBX-ID connects with any internet/cloud server?

No, MBX-ID does not connect with any internet/cloud server.

What if one loose the MBX-ID card?

The card cannot be used by anyone but the person whose fingerprint is stored on the card.

What are the different usage of MBX-ID?

At present, it can be used with RFID door readers, keypad locks, gate controllers, turnstiles for access control, time & attendance, machine/server logon, application, data access and indoor location tracking. There are more use cases in the product roadmap e.g. FIDO authentication etc.

• What is company replacement policy if my card is broken or stops working?

Company will replace the badge without any charge if it stops working in warranty period.