A Safe and Secure Environment.

In today’s current educational climate, one of the primary responsibilities of every administrator is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors.

What’s Needed?

A secure access control system with an integrated communication networks that can decrease the response time of designated authorities can solve this problem.

Mobile Biometric Access

Introducing The MBX-ID

The latest evolution in smart badge technology. Combines biometric fingerprint authentication with RFID & Bluetooth technology that allows access to the assigned user only. Eliminates need to swipe the card in an external reader, shifting verification to the biometric match-on device.

  • Badge can be used with existing technology or with a state-of-the-art system with enhanced capabilities.
  • Makes for a non-violent, cost effective security solution that can be converted quickly & easily.
  • Provides the ability to lock-down a school by designated personnel through a single touch.

* Patent Pending

How it Works


Our biometric technology utilizes a fully encrypted 10 point fingerprint template as an identifier that cannot be reverse engineered.

Keep Your Student Safe

With the ability to instantly alert authorities when in distress s situations.

Fingerprint identification is verified in less than a second with and LED status indicator.

Connects via Bluetooth/NFC using secured encrypted communication protocols.

Badge is unique to the assigned user and only authorized individual can activate the card through fingerprint identification.

No personal data stored on the badge or in an external database.

Unique & Open
Our technology is a unique open platform control system, allowing for customization to fit the needs of a particular institution. The MBX-ID can be adapted to any Bluetooth or RFID communication system in use today. Ability to assign different access levels of privileges for students, faculty, and staff.

Badge can be configured to communicate a threat to either an administrator, security, or local police depending on the threat level.

Our Bluetooth technology provides location of alarm status and potential threat to emergency personnel.

The MBX-ID can allow a message to be sent to signal a general alarm through phones and can be tied to existing messaging systems.

* Patent Pending

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