A Safe and Secure Environment.

COVID workplace guidelines have specific recommendations for common touch surfaces where pathogenic material can be spread. Cleaning such surfaces with a disinfectant several times per day is often not practical or efficient.

MBX-ID Access credential

The MBX-ID Access credential can be used as an alternative to common touch surfaces, such as keypads and fingerprint sensors on door locks, gates and turnstiles.

RFID, Bluetooth and other wireless capabilities

MBX-ID Access credential

Employees can biometrically authenticate themselves by touching the fingerprint sensor on their own personal MBX-ID Access credential, activating the RFID, Bluetooth and other wireless capabilities.


A lost or stolen access badge is useless in the hands of an unauthorized person because the user must first biometrically authenticate to the badge before the wireless (RFID, Bluetooth) functions are enabled.


The MBX-ID Access credential is compatible with existing RFID door readers, keypad locks, gate controllers and turnstiles.


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